Ollie Smith

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Ollie Smith, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ExpertSure. At ExpertSure, we help people to find accurate ball park costs of real-world quotes and provide key information to users across a variety of industries.

What is one habit of yours that helps you be productive?

I always ensure I get eight hours of sleep every night. This helps me to avoid forgetfulness, reduced energy and decreased motivation – all of which can stand in the way of success.

What is your morning routine and how does it help you get the most out of your day?

I make sure to get up, shower and have breakfast at the same time every day. Before I leave for the office, I create my daily plan alongside the goals I want to achieve!

In the last few years, what lifestyle, habit or behavior change has had the biggest positive impact on your life?

As an avid mountain biker – I now enjoy an improved sleep, feel less stressed and much more positive.

When you feel unfocused, what do you do?

I usually pop down to my local coffee shop for a quick espresso and a chat. I return refreshed and ready to go again.

What is one piece of software or a web service that you get immense value out of? How do you use it?

It must be the ‘Simplenote’ app. This has made using my ipad to take notes such a pleasure. It enables me to quickly save, preview and even add tags to all my notes – saving me precious time.

What is the one book you recommend most often and why?

In ‘On Becoming a Leader‘ the author Warren Bennis examines the definition of leadership, and questions what true leadership actually takes. This is a great read for anyone seeking a thorough distinction between simply ‘managing’ and showing true ‘leadership’.

What advice would you give a smart and ambitious recent college graduate? What advice should they ignore?

You should never change who you are or what you want to achieve. Create your career-funnel which will take you to where you want to be and put your shoulder to the wheel and get there. You are the master of your own destiny – commit to your dream and you will succeed!

Advice to ignore: Never listen to people who tell you, your dream is not attainable and you’re not being realistic.

What is your favorite quote, one you aim to live by?

The fantastic John Wooden is adamant that we should ‘Make each day your masterpiece’. This great quote struck a chord with me sometime ago and is something I choose to live by, each and every day. It simply means, focus on what you do every day to the best of your ability so you can control you own destiny.


You can always reach me on my LinkedIn account. Just look for ‘Ollie Smith’!