Here are the burly, handsome, yet not super tall men trying to get Seniorlevel off the ground.


My name is Mario. I started Seniorlevel because I wanted to provide better role models for my students at the University of Montana.

Seniorlevel a side project I care deeply about, just as I do about IdeaMensch which I founded about a decade ago. During the day I run marketing at Geniuslink. Before that, I was the CMO at the University of Montana and prior to such I ran digital at both WONGDOODY and R2C Group.

I work remote, so in my free time, my girlfriend and I get to go on amazing adventures all around the world.

When at home, I fly fish, play soccer, run, farm, do triathlons (one-time Ironman), cyclocross, walk a wiener dog, paddleboard, lift, give chemo to my 18-year old cat, rock climb and go to Costco on Saturdays.


Hello, my name is Carson.

I am a senior at the University of Montana studying Business Marketing, and Entertainment Management. Some of my many interests include brand development, marketing strategies, and marketing of innovative products.

In my spare time I am an avid skier, kayaker, cyclist, and paragliding pilot. If you want to reach out, just look up and shout! I might be flying right over you.