Seniorlevel is an interview project started and managed by University of Montana students and grads. Our goal is to inspire and inform young minds by the lessons learned by leaders in business and life. We believe that today’s graduates need great role models, conventional or not. Role models who will help prepare us for an uncertain future, sharing with us lessons they learned, mistakes they wish to have avoided, how you structure your day, make it most productive and advice on what we should look out for as we move forward.

The best days in class are the ones when our professors bring in guest speakers, practitioners who share with us how they got to where they are. Unfortunately, those visits are far and few in between and we oftentimes don’t get to ask the questions that we really want to ask.

This project is our chance to ask those questions.

We aim to interview both young professionals and grizzled veterans, business people, non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our questions are broken out into two tracks. Pick whichever track seems most relevant to you.

  • The personal interview focuses on how to structure your life and set up habits that results in maximum productivity.  Takeaways tend to be more personal and very applicable.
  • The professional interview focuses on what it takes to be successful in business and life. Takeaways tend to be fairly big picture and applicable to a broader audience.

And while Seniorlevel was started by UM students and grads, we obviously aren’t going to limit our interviewees to only University of Montana alumni.

We’re currently in the process of reaching out to our first batch of interviewees. Given the interest seen so far, we should be ready to begin publishing in the first week of March. And once we start, we don’t intend to stop.

Thank you for participating.