Yen Keng Tan

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m a founder of a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in global real estate investments. Before founding my own firm, I was a director, member of management committee and investment committee, and licensed Responsible Officer at Prudential Global Investment Management and Deutsche Bank asset management division in Asia.

What has been one insight or lesson that has been most helpful in your career?

Always be prepared and action. Opportunities are for those who have best preparation.

What has been your favorite mistake? A mistake that in retrospect led to a great lesson and progress.

Not enough preparation due to growing ego.

Project forward ten years. How will your industry or field be fundamentally different then? What opportunities do you see?

Fintech and AI will significantly alter the industry landscape. Only the investment managers who can deliver the best performance at the lowest fee will survive and thrive.

What are some bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

Low return means low risk.

In the last two years, what have you become better at saying no to?

Resist the peer pressure to put money to work when the valuation is too rich.

What is the one book you recommend most often and why?

Rich Dad Poor Dad

What advice would you give a smart and ambitious recent college graduate? What advice should they ignore?

Work hard, plan well and be patient.

What is your favorite quote, one you aim to live by?

Work hard play hard.